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Expand your Service or Project into the Metaverse

Give utility to your NFTs in the Metaverse

Join the projects providing
additional utility by:
Providing 3D Avatars
Adding unique inventory items
Providing Companions
And many more!

Build your brand on the moon

Build a clubhouse for your NFT project, a store for
your business or any virtual
representation of your service.

Extend your brand's
presence into the metaverse.

Live stream events in the Community Hub

Stream your content directly
into the Community Hub.

Your content will be
displayed on multiple

Advertise on billboards around Carda Station

You can find them in the community hub,
race track,
and garage.

It's completely free. No project is too small to partner with.

Become a partner

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Carda Station is a metaverse on a lunar base with all
assets stored on Cardano blockchain. This ensures they
are owned by the users.
You can explore the world with an in game character
and interact with other players through hangouts, games,
or events.

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