The Metaverse on the Moon



Explore the Moon

Discover unique settings and experiences in this ever evolving world set on the moon.

An "out of this world" experience

Visit the moon and experience
the world in low gravity.

Customisable avatars

Build your character including your
spacesuit when venturing outdoors.

Play with friends

Explore and play games with friends,
or with your in game companions.

Use your inventory

Your items will uncover new experiences.
Equip what you need, when you need it.

build on the moon

Unleash your creativity and create unique experiences for visitors of the world.

You need land to build your scenes.
10,000 land parcels are SOLD OUT. If you own
land, you get to build out the city by creating and adding your own scenes on the moon.

If you don't own any land and want to build in
this world, then check the secondary

carda station nfts

Construction Crew

Carda Station Construction was
released on 24th November and is


Public land sale took place on 22nd
January and is SOLD OUT.


A collection of items that can be used
in game.

About Carda Station

Find out more about the story, land, scenes, avatars, inventory and many more by reading the documentation.

Carda Station is a metaverse on a lunar base with all
assets stored on Cardano blockchain. This ensures they
are owned by the users.
You can explore the world with an in game character
and interact with other players through hangouts, games,
or events.

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