Minting is Open

Own a part of the community areas



A random NFT in one of the six designated areas will be minted. Learn about each area.

Designated Areas

By owning land in these areas, you'll get a share of 20% of the revenue generated in the area for owning a part of it.

Central Plaza

  • Number of plots: 1,480
  • Income Model: Transaction in Buildings


  • Number of plots: 252
  • Income Model: Ticket sales


  • Number of plots: 63
  • Income Model: Vehicles & Skins


  • Number of plots: 550
  • Income Model: Events and Travel

Solar Farm

  • Number of plots: 100
  • Income Model: Batteries and Recharges

Bio Farm

  • Number of plots: 250
  • Income Model: Resource Purchases


You can mint now!


70 ADA

20% of all income generated in the designated areas will be distributed to all owners of those plots. For instance, if an event in the stadium generates 100,000 ADA in ticket sales, 20,000 ADA will be proportionally shared amongst the land owners. If you have more than one, you get the additional share as well.

No. When minting begins, you'll see the option to mint right here on this page.

Minting is powered by NFT Maker Pro. You'll choose how many NFTs you want to mint, then will be given instructions on how to complete the transaction. You have the option to use a smart wallet (such as Nami and Eternl) or to manually send ADA to the specified address using any non exchange wallet such as Daedalus or a hardware wallet.

There are discounts for community members. If you hold at least 1 construction crew NFT in the wallet you use to mint, you'll get a 20% discount. If you own at least 1 land NFT in the wallet you use to mint, you'll get a 10% discount. Discounted prices are sent back with your NFTs. Please send the full specified amount to make sure you get your NFTs and your discount.

The maximum allowed NFTs in a single transaction is 3. Any number more than this will have the ADA amount automatically refunded. There is no limit to the number of NFTs that can be held by a wallet.

Carda Station is a metaverse on a lunar base with all
assets stored on Cardano blockchain. This ensures they
are owned by the users.
You can explore the world with an in game character
and interact with other players through hangouts, games,
or events.

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