Own your space in this domed Colony


Mint Date to be Confirmed

  • Size: Extra Large (76m x 76m)
  • Price: 1150 ADA

Not yet available to mint

  • Size: Large (56m x 56m)
  • Price: 675 ADA

Not yet available to mint

  • Size: Medium (36m x 36m)
  • Price: 299 ADA

Not yet available to mint

  • Size: Small (16m x 16m)
  • Price: 79 ADA

Not yet available to mint

Land Traits


Access to buildings that connect to roads such as driveways. Additional vehicle and garage rewards.


Visibility from high traffic area as well as access to buildings that connect to highways. Additional vehicle and garage rewards.


Other than the unique views, you'll receive additional bonus when collecting oxygen from the nearby bioreserve.


Mountain scenery and the ability to mine resources that contribute to constructing unique buildings.

Visit the Colony from the Spaceport to get a feel of the area.


April. Exact date to be confirmed.


Only 500 land plots are being made available. About 300 have already been minted. A breakdown of the sizes will be provided soon.

Small - 79 ADA, Medium - 299 ADA, Large - 675 ADA, Extra Large - 1150 ADA

These NFTs represent land in Colony 2. You can build your scenes to provide a immersive experience for your content. You will also be able to claim Carda Station Native Tokens ($CAST) which is the currency of the metaverse.


Minting is powered by NMKR. You'll choose how many NFTs you want to mint, then will be given instructions on how to complete the transaction. You have the option to use a smart wallet (such as Nami and Eternl) or to manually send ADA to the specified address using any non exchange wallet such as Daedalus or a hardware wallet.

There's a limit of 5 NFTs per transaction.

Carda Station is a metaverse on a lunar base with all
assets stored on Cardano blockchain. This ensures they
are owned by the users.
You can explore the world with an in game character
and interact with other players through hangouts, games,
or events.

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