Access is open to everyone throughout our development.

(Official Beta release is Q4 2022)

Explore and Discover

A safe and relativley flat area of land has been found. Within the boundaries of this 3.5 squared kilometers settlement, you will be safe from the harsh environemnts of the moon. 10,000 land plots are available to build on.

But some of us didn't come here to be safe.

You can venture into the wider unknown and find new locations with real world rewards. But be warned, it's a dangerous world out there. Pay attention to your oxygen tank and battery life. Our estimates say there will be 20 squared kilometers of unexplored land.

Equip what you Need

Whether you're casually exploring around the neighbourhood or adventuring into unknown territory, you can use many different items to help you out.

For instance, you can get around a lot faster with a rover.

Build on your Land

If you own land, you can build your home or business.

Did you ever dream of operating a theme park on the moon? Then this your chance to build and run it.

By using our builder tool, you won't need 3D or programming skills to make it happen.

Find out More

Read our documentation to learn more about Carda Station.